11 productions touched by artificial intelligence that you can watch on Netflix

11 productions touched by artificial intelligence that you can watch on Netflix

As Artificial Intelligence develops day by day, the media makes it even bigger. We have compiled 11 productions on artificial intelligence that you can watch on Netflix.


Although it may seem simple, Go is one of the most difficult and complex games on earth. When it comes to playing Go to AI, things get even more complicated. AlphaGo documentary film is about a true story. Not to give a spoiler, you will watch how the computer program called AlphaGo beat world Go champion Lee Sedol. However, the matter is not that simple. While AlphaGo trains AI to be like us, it also helps us understand that we have a lot to learn from it.

I am Mother

My overall impression of I am Mother is that the movie is on an "oh well" level. Although it tastes a bit rushed and bland, like all Netflix Original movies, it contains points that will make the enthusiasts think. The general idea that got me thinking is “Can robots lie or just hide the truth?” it happened. If I had been a mother, I think I might have had very different feelings about the subject.

Black Mirror

A somewhat obvious announcement is a suggestion, but in case you haven't watched it yet... Anyway, I'm not saying anything...

Altered Carbon

The first installment of the Takeshi Kovacs series, Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk in its purest form. In the series, which takes place in a world where people do not die and can capture eternal life with mind transfer, we watch ex-criminal and super soldier Takeshi Kovacs illuminate a murder. Although it looks like a detective story, it is possible to make many sociological readings with its structure based on class divisions in a society corrupted by technology.

Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots, whose first season consists of 18 independent episodes, invites us to a marathon that will take us from one universe to another.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell, a remake of a Japanese anime of the same name, questions humanity's self. Ghost in the Shell, a subgenre of cyberpunk, presents a narrative through the human species that can be "modified" with technology.

Next Gen

One of the best visual animations you can watch on Netflix is ​​Next Gen. While Mai and her fugitive robot friend, whom she accidentally activated, try to thwart the plans of the villains, references to today's artificial intelligence world and technology giants also make the movie fun.


I admit, it's not Johnny Depp's best movie. It doesn't even have much Johnny Depp in it. However, Transcendence brings a different interpretation to the concept of artificial intelligence. Classical artificial intelligence works describe a superior machine, such as Asimov's positronic brain. Transcendence, on the other hand, is about the transfer of the human brain to the machine. The story told through mechanized people rather than humanized machines deserves a chance.


Can AI really cultivate emotions like love, empathy, and friendship and disobey orders? TAU, whose subject is somewhat reminiscent of Ex-Machina, is more reminiscent of thrillers than science fiction, but it took its place on our list as a Netflix Originals with artificial intelligence. Imprisoned in a high-security house to be used as a guinea pig by a scientist and trying to escape from there, Julia befriends the artificial intelligence TAU, which begins to disobey its creator's orders, and events develop.

2001 Space Odyssey

The computer named HAL 9000 is the main part of this space epic that owes its mind-blowing images to Stanley Kubrick and the idea of ​​the journey to the origin of humanity to Arthur C. Clarke. The HAL 9000, which can be considered today's voice assistant, is a kind of super artificial intelligence. Changing the course of the journey with his own contradictions, HAL answers many questions raised by philosophers who ponder on artificial intelligence. You will feel awe and horror at the same time while watching HAL 9000, which was created more than 50 years ago.

The Matrix

It would not be possible not to include the "The Matrix" series, which has left 20 years behind and has already taken its place among the classics. The Matrix is ​​a perfect example of the fear of pre-millennial technology. Our movie, which is fed by crazy ideas such as the crash of computers after 2000 and the internet that enters our lives every day, reflects the cyberpunk genre very well. The AI-controlled cybernet will remain one of the best stories ever told, with hackers, AI agents, maverick programs, modified humans, and a hero who overpowers the system.

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