Series That Programmers Should Watch

Series That Programmers Should Watch

We have compiled the series about technology for you to get even more enthusiastic about those who want to be a software developer.

Black Mirror

He interprets the problems of modern society and the individual in this society, what new technologies bring, and the politics, media and art relations in the current world order by referring to satire from time to time and science fiction everywhere. The producer of the series, Charlie Brooker, said that “each episode has a different cast, a different place and even a different perception of reality; but it's all about our lifestyle today and what we can experience in 10 minutes if we're rude.”

Silicon Valley

I think it's a great series that appeals to full programmers. After the software developer named Richard started to develop a compression algorithm, his whole life changes and he takes a step into a beautiful and colorful life. Richard and his fellow software developers are starting their own company, Pied Piper. It tells the struggle of young entrepreneurs to hold on to life in a competitive market with a realistic and entertaining approach.


Westworld is a Wild West themed amusement park set in the future, filled with realistic-looking robots called the Host. This park, which rich people pay high fees to visit, is an incredible place where there is no law and you can do whatever you want. You can ride horses and rob banks like cowboys. You can live illegally. The Hosts in the park have artificial intelligence and play the roles prepared for them. All of them have a story and a past. They are impossible to distinguish from a normal person.

Mr. Robot

In the series, Elliot is a young cybersecurity engineer by day and a hacker by night. Elliot threw himself into great confusion when an underground hacker group (fsociety) damaged his company's system in order to contact him.

Person of Interest

The creator of successful series knitted with mysteries such as Lost, Alias ​​and Fringe, J.J. A new series from Abrams. Person of Interest, starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson; A series where a millionaire teams up with a former CIA agent to try to prevent possible crimes before they happen.
Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire; A fictional series about the personal computer and internet revolution in the 80s. While Gordon Clark is trying to design the computer's hardware and cope with various physical difficulties with his team, programmer Cameron writes the BIOS code from scratch.

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