Artificial Intelligence Books You Should Read

Artificial Intelligence Books You Should Read

If you are interested in artificial intelligence, you must follow the trainings and videos related to the subject. In this article, we will examine the artificial intelligence books you may want to read to improve yourself in artificial intelligence and will offer you advice on derivative topics.

The Master Algorithm — Pedro Domingos

The Master Algorithm, one of Bill Gates' recommended books on artificial intelligence, touches on the learning algorithms underlying giants such as Google and Amazon, and talks about how these learning algorithms will affect the business world, science and society in the future.

Superintelligence — Nick Bostrom

In his book, Nick Bostrom talks about how humans dominate animals thanks to intelligence, and if this intelligence is transferred to machines, the super-intelligent computers that will emerge can dominate in the same way. The book that explains how artificial intelligence can be developed in a controlled way is actually another artificial intelligence book recommended by Bill Gates.

Deep Learning — Ian Goodfellow

The book, which Elon Musk also praised, is one of the most detailed books written on deep learning. Approaching deep learning both mathematically and conceptually, Ian explains deep learning techniques by diving into natural language processing, speech recognition and even computer games.

The Singularity Is Near — Ray Kurzweil

Although not a technical book like the others, this immensely popular book explains that in the future, the human mind and body will be integrated with technology and an advanced human/machine civilization will emerge. Although it leaves a lot of question marks in your mind, it is one of the books that you will read with pleasure and will open your horizons.

Statistics Books

As you know, statistics is one of the building blocks that form the foundations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, if you want to lay a solid foundation, you may need to measure and improve your knowledge on statistics before starting artificial intelligence books.

You Are Not So Smart — by David McRaney

While dealing with artificial intelligence, you will deal with equations, statistics and algorithms a lot, and misinterpreting these structures can waste your time and cause you to make wrong decisions. In this book, David McRaney explains how and what kind of statistical biases the human brain makes and makes mistakes, and allows you to explain these prejudices one by one and create defense mechanisms.

Naked Statistics — by Charles Wheelan

This book is more numerical than the other. If you want to grasp the basic concepts in statistics such as mode, median and mean and want to take your knowledge a few steps further, we recommend you to take a look.

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists — by Peter Bruce

With the first two books you've developed your defense mechanism and gone over the basic concepts, now it's time to take them and integrate them into data science. If you are interested in artificial intelligence and are on your way to becoming a data scientist, this book is perfect for you to apply statistical methods to data science.

In this period when there is a new development on artificial intelligence every day, we will try to keep our list of artificial intelligence books as detailed and up-to-date as possible.

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